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Nic’s work has a way of making viewers stop and look. Stop walking, stop scrolling, stop browsing, and start looking. A ten-story tower covered in dynamic video and motion graphics. Images of larger-than-life personalities that feel close enough to touch. Stories that feel so personal and human, the connection is instant.

D'Amico Studios is a unique production company specializing in pre-to-post production services and content creation. Whether it's delivering arresting and captivating video and photography or creating immersive brand experiences using new communication technologies, the focus is on helping partners reach their audience and cut through today’s crowded visual landscape.

The studio thrives in collaborative environments and believes in the power of cooperation.  

As CEO/CCO of sister shops, Klip Collective and Monogram, Nic has led a team of artists to create some of the most exciting imagery of the last 20 years while also pioneering emergent technologies like projection mapping to create unique, audience-building experiences in public spaces.

Currently, D'Amico Studios is using its experience as innovators and collaborators to continue pushing limits, exceeding expectations, and learning what else is possible.

D'Amico Studios opens doors between your ideas and audiences. 

It builds bridges between companies and their customers.

Let's build the next one together.

About Nic D'Amico

Pier Nicola D'Amico

Let's work together

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