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Nic D’Amico is a multi-tool. Photographer, DP, Director, Founder, Patent Holder and CD in Experiental and other media. His work has appeared everywhere from Paris to London to Longwood Gardens. On bathroom stalls and 10-story university towers. He and his teams are known for turnkey, large scale experiences, and for making art, innovation, and corporate reality converge to accomplish great things.


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Pier Nicola D'Amico

Marketing, advertising, experiential, invention


My work has appeared from London to Longwood Gardens. On bathroom stalls and 10-story university towers. In the side alleys of Paris and the streets of New York City. 

D'Amico Studios creates everything from immersive experiences to full visual rebranding. I also co-founded, incubated and managed two Philadelphia-based startups, Klip Collective and Monogram. Klip creates immersive visual experiences. I still hold six patents on the projection mapping we’ve created.


As co-founder and CCO of Monogram, I led a stable of directors and post-production artists who created landmark, projection-mapped environments, from ideating with agencies to executing large-scale events.

Notable projects include campaigns for Jordan/Melo, Gillette's Olympic connection, Microsoft, Nike in pro sports, Financial Times' Grand Central takeover, MSNBC and Discovery Channel promos. Brands like Sony, EA, Bristol-Myers, ESPN, Travel Channel, J&J, Vanguard, S&P Global, and Penn Mutual enrich my narrative.


I invite you to explore my world, where art, innovation, and corporate collaboration converge.


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